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the antithesis of changing corporate leadership

Corporate leadership seems rather stuck currently, laboring badly.  It seems so out of touch with what the changing world is currently rewarding. What tangible changes can connected leadership bring?  I recently read a book by Robert Cooper entitled ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’, that outlined five categories of change.  I thought they were brilliant so I’ve taken each one and applied them to the ‘embers’ way of work to demonstrate how a corporation that embraces the ‘embers’ leadership model might respond.

1. Direction, not Motion

Connectedness has a natural flow to reach an aligned and integrated direction.  It’s all about what the priorities are that take it there, rather than the amount or type of movement to take it towards a destination.

2. Focus, not Time

Time stands still whilst focus and alignment is innately acute. Time becomes irrelevant as its importance withers against the natural flow that is feeling so right.

3. Capacity, not Conformity

When true connection reigns and flow occurs, capacity is maximised and nothing is impossible.  Conformity is not even an option as all boundaries melt away, opening into the horizon of possibility.

4. Energy, not Effort

Energy powers all!  Connection energises inner knowing while reflection allows what needs to appear to appear effortlessly, whether it’s a solution, an area of the business that needs your attention now, a person’s actions, a warning sign etc.

5. Impact, not Intention

Connected leadership in the changing world will show evidence of real results, with change serving all equally and with collaborative partnerships gaining force.  Intention alone is no longer enough and may be interpreted as ‘lip service’.

With corporate leadership aligning to the priorities or new outcomes of the changing world, it will most certainly bring fresh and meaningful direction, a focus on that which will serve, capacity for new outcomes along with effortless results that positively impact!



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