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corporate leadership tools


These ‘embers’ resources are more than just books! They can have a tremendous impact on a reader when used as reflection and connection tools, directly integrated with the ‘embers’ change model of reflect, connect, collaborate, innovate and become.


  •  Corporate Embers  is a collection of experiences gathered from global corporations, presented as memories around the campfire.  Each flickering ember brings business-promoting insights from the story told.  Debbie Nicol’s fireside approach has attracted much interest. Many readers have even commented ‘…as I’m reading about you, I’m thinking about myself’ – exactly the reaction a quality reflection tool will initiate when put into action!
  • Become…in the Corporate World – Corporate Embers Companion Workbook is a treasure trove of connection opportunities that facilitates independent or group reflection bringing your own intuition into play and allowing what needs to appear to appear!  Each interactive exercise builds on the one before, presenting corporate scenarios that leaders commonly face.  It takes you through all of the stages of the ‘embers’ process, defining the essence of corporate leadership ‘as it is’ and ‘as it could be’.  In the end, you’ll learn how to effectively reflect, connect, collaborate, innovate and become part of a dynamic corporate future with an aligned and connected direction. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a complementary Skype chat with the ‘embers’ founder, Debbie Nicol, please contact us at any time.
      To purchase your reflect/connect tools now, simply click on the Amazon logos below. For a sneak peek, click on the book’s image to ‘expand’.

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What I liked about Corporate Embers is that I received perspectives I hadnt thought of before. This encouraged me to apply changes to my leadership whilst allowing freedom of choice! I found Corporate Embers to be an impetus for reflection on both self and corporate leadership. KW, Canada


When the ‘alone-ness’ of leadership strikes, Become…in the Corporate World helps to forge a deeper connect with self and others; conquer limitations and watch as changing leadership emerges. Richard Weilers, Managing Director, South Africa