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emerging embers – self leadership

Meet the person behind the concept!

the ‘embers‘ concept statement


Stories flow naturally around campfires. Embers flick from the flames randomly and dissipate into oblivion. Or do they? In business and in life, are our interactions and connections intended to work that way? Are they meant to stay buried in the unseen, untapped unconsciousness, remaining dormant until learning or reflection may or may not be called upon? What a contribution opening my mind to these embers has made to my changing life!

I’ve always been an empathetic person so I was naturally motivated to share my epiphany with others to help unlock their potential.  I envisioned an ‘embers’ community of reflection and connection where people come from a place of authenticity and are comfortable with their own vulnerabilities… a place where individuals are changing to learn, opening to connect and trusting their intuition to lead their change.






the story of ‘embers


My journey is probably no different to yours….

My life appeared to be exciting and grand, yet was simply not feeding my inner being nor encouraging me to discover the leader within. Instead I was allowing myself to be, think, live and do that which others desired, eroding self-worth and personal growth.

I had simply switched off, somehow believing that external influence was more appropriate than my own internal intuition.  I was willing to sacrifice what was important to me in the workplace, conforming at my own expense. My inner being was slowly but surely dying, my inner voice remained silent and my spirit was broken.  Signs of internal struggle started to be evident.  I had become a machine, ready to ‘be’ at the push of an external button.  I approached life with less zest, started to disconnect from friends and colleagues and experienced diminishing inner reward.

My body sent loud messages as it chose not to act on stage anymore, commencing a slow and agonising shutdown process.  I was searching for clues on a long and winding path towards reconnection, as I stopped, looked, listened and felt.  I cautiously believed when I started to receive inner messages.  I explored methodologies to provide the best possible environment for this reconnection. I took time, much time!  I connected deeply with feelings and emotions whilst surrounding myself with like-minded people. I shared some inner discoveries with my nearest and dearest, and stood in awe as the authentic inner leader emerged to shine brightly in today’s world.

the setting of ‘embers


The context of ‘embers’ evolves from a fireside setting, a place where many of us love to linger.  A flame’s therapeutic warmth, free-flowing dance and ever-changing hues capture us from within, putting our conscious minds in neutral, allowing connection and truth to flow.  The flame represents a safe haven into which we can escape, connect with and explore our inner being.

Applying the ‘embers’ change model when you’re feeling misalignment in your life results in increased clarity, identification of barriers and exploration of alternative approaches that result in a deeper level of outcomes that our changing world rewards.

perspectives on ‘embers