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how to be intuitive in the changing corporate world

The ‘embers’ model facilitates what the changing world is rewarding – authenticity, trust, vulnerability, internal validation and intuition. By doing so, it is weaving a vast, interconnected body of support for the way ahead. How is your business demonstrating evidence of being a part of the changing future?

What is intuition when we speak of it in business terms?

Intuition is a form of an internal compass – an inner voice that really helps us see things that we may not have seen, or heard.  It is a force that is within, which may be linked to taking decisions. Whilst we may not know how it all works, it has links to truth and unknown or information not previously or actively sourced.

What are the benefits of intuition in business?

To be intuitive means you can work without, beyond or even at times (and in the blink of an eye) independent of collected data and facts.  This can bring decision making to a new level, one that is based on a kinaesthetic approach.  Doing so will also build confidence and competence, thereby ensuring future challenges will be less of a burden and more of an opportunity.

Should a business depend purely on intuition alone?

The current business world is off-balance, with an entitlement mindset prioritising separation and a win at the expense of another’s loss.  What could be if corporate leaders worked with balance in mind? Could analysis and intuition complement each other? Could contradicting customer and staff input be balanced to create new opportunity?

A board member asks how you reached your decision, and you know that intuition played a main role – how will you handle this situation?

Previous behavior can be a great predictor of future behavior.  Whilst replying, draw upon words such as ‘just as when….’. Highlight patterns and actions that have served previously, seemingly gaining their success from the influence of intuition.  Choose your words wisely – the more tangible the description, the more likely it is to be received positively.   Focus on results with a small amount of ‘how’, and draw upon the following you are gaining from this action.

an example of a leader’s intuition adding business value

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an example of a leader’s internal validation adding business value 

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If you would like an ‘embers’ facilitator to take you and your team through the process we have several workshop levels to choose from. Contact us for a consultation and ‘readiness’ evaluation.

Skills for 21st century leadership include reflection and connection, collaboration and innovation leading us to ‘become’ and evolve beyond current barriers. However achieving that in isolation of what will serve the corporate future may be futile. The evolved sector of the corporate world’s leadership sees benefit in integrating intuition in business today, allowing a balanced approach with inner knowing and multiple perspectives – evolved leaders can sense alignment!

One example of business with credible evidence that is impacting positively whilst creating the future includes:

Let us know when you see or hear of more great examples!