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how to reflect in the changing corporate world

How can I start to apply reflection in business?

Nothing is right or wrong in business, just different consequences. Believe in the value of reflection and its associated benefits to ensure it is introduced. Kickstart it by revisiting the consequences of not reflecting. What’s more important is that you do make a start – reflection can’t be rushed, so choose your timing well. Getting started may take effort, yet reflection should be effortless, so in the beginning ensure it will have the least negative impact.  Clear the decks of any interruptions and just be with it! Use some of the techniques as mentioned in the above video, if looking for further assistance.

How can I get this into my own everyday business habit?

Habits form through repetition.  Positive habits are backed by belief in the value of the habit, and conviction that a loss will exist without it.  If you need a helping hand, why not confide with one who’s close to you, and they may be able to be your ‘accountability partner’.  Set goals – perhaps know that whatever happens today, you wont be home until you have reflected as part of today’s corporate activity! Who knows – it may even spill over into personal life too!


I’ve tried it – it works – now how can I have others see its influence?

As a corporate leader, eyes are on you even when you least expect it.  Let them feel the difference when less reactivity is evident.  Calmness will start to impact your actions.  Open minds to alternatives when disconnection is prioritised – ask them to consider rather than tell them to try!  Share your experiences when they least expect it – it will touch others when your passion for reflection shines through.  By no means push it on to others, yet have some stories and insights ready to ‘pull out of the hat’ at the times you see value could be added.  Some might say reflection is an attitude – if so, could the saying attitudes are caught, not taught be relevant here?

Where can reflection bring practical difference to my leadership?

Reflection calms, focuses, brings clarity – where can this be needed when leading a business towards change, progress and development?  Ever tried ‘sitting on’ and reflecting upon an email overnight before sending it?  Ever wondered what the next step could be, and all analysis gets you just more confused?  Ever wondered how one function may be serving another?  What about business planning time – do we always know the answers or solutions – and even if we feel we do, are they complete or best?  Rather than cutting and pasting last year’s plan, take time to reflect – decisions will appear. Perhaps complete one phase and take time out – what further insights emerge?  Allow the outside world share its changes with you in amazing ways!

I report to a Board, for whom reflection will be all a little too much – what do you suggest?

Do they need to know about reflection, or your approach to success?  A board is purely there to keep us honest and true to our intended outcomes whilst challenging our thinking. Do they need to know exactly how you achieve your ‘presence’, or only need to feel  a uniqueness and trust that what you do works?  Of course it would be ideal if they were interested, yet let’s not put our energy into what we cant control.  Why do we always think we must have the answers to the tough questions.  By raising awareness that we may all not know the answer, what a great time to encourage that we all go away and reflect upon it…..let’s steer them away from the power of thinking and towards the rewards of reflection.

What other questions do YOU have about reflection in business and corporate leadership?


If you would like an ’embers’ facilitator to take you and your team through the process we have several workshop levels to choose from. Contact us for a consultation and ‘readiness’ evaluation.


Reflection is the first stage of the embers change model. Reflecting is a skill that the changing corporate world rewards. This is because it reinforces fundamental behaviours that are serving responsibly, and serving not only the people and the organisation, but also the community. Business can now be at the core of society and has huge opportunity to create and positively impact the future.

One example of business with credible evidence that is impacting positively whilst creating the future includes:

Let us know when you see or hear of more great examples!