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leading the corporate future

The ‘embers’ corporate workshop, 'leading the corporate future', serves both evolved and evolving leaders and organisations. Gauge change readiness and determine the risk level of not implementing a proactive change model.

corporate leadership workshops

What will happen if we open their minds and they decide to leave?

What will happen if we don’t open their minds and they decide to stay?

Many leaders search for solutions that will ‘fix a problem’, address an issue or feed a process.

These are simply ‘disconnected business activities’ that don’t lead to sustainable change.


An evolved leader…

uses reflection and connection to look beyond solutions, which often opens up discussions, questions and possibility.  This brings an invaluable synergy that builds both the organisation and the people simultaneously thereby creating a future that will serve all stakeholders equally, with effortless results already underway.


An evolved leader…

achieves connected leadership by establishing a ‘clearly aligned and strong organisational core’.


An evolved leader…

will lead the corporate future by building stronger organisations that are changing from the core.  They help themselves and others reflect, connect, collaborate, innovate and become an influence on global business principles, practices and outcomes.


A multi-level set of corporate leadership programs exist specifically for in-house teams with evolved or evolving leadership.

Program details – leading the corporate future

Level I – Core

Level II – Evolving


Program details  – ‘cut through and to the core’
(currently being updated to include ‘conflict resolution’ and ‘ethics and accountability’)
Level III – Evolved


Support Services

One-on-one diagnostic processes for corporate leaders to identify and work through barriers to intended change.

The Value Proposition



embers’ will guide you in building a team where there is true ownership among all and where resistance can’t help but melt away.


    • Leadership teams will lead the business as if it were their own
    • Leadership teams will create a future that will serve both the organisation and society


Change will be embedded as a core leadership competency with more connectedness and a responsibility mind-set apparent in all business activity.



Leaders will find answers to the questions:

    • What value do we deliver to the customer?
    • Which one of our customer’s problems are we helping to solve?
    • Which customer needs are we satisfying?
    • What products and services are we offering?


Leaders who are connected to themselves and to the core of the organisation who stop, look, listen and feel what is happening around them will:

  • trust inner wisdom as it emerges and contributes to decision making
  • see opportunities that lead to solutions with more clarity
  • experience alignment with personal and business goals
  • feel a natural flow amongst all in a shared direction towards a common goal
  • reach a level of connection that brings inner happiness, authenticity and corporate wellness


1. ‘leading the corporate future’ has opened my mind to a whole new world of corporate leadership and personal reflection.  I was a competent, results-oriented and successful professional but I had questions and there was ‘something else’.  ‘embers‘ took the senior leadership team through reflection exercises that lead to identifying alternatives that came from connecting to a new depth of self and situational awareness.  It took us way out of our comfort zone with amazing results that included a solid and defined action plan, as well as confirmation for our commitment to global standards.

Neale Proctor, Managing Director, GAC Lagos

2. No professional leadership book has touched the depths that this philosophy, and model, does. It goes well beyond textbook theory and it’s more than your standard workshop.   One particular thing strikes me – it’s the only resource I’ve come across that merges theory, context and reality so effortlessly.  We have completed both the ‘leading the corporate future‘ and ‘evolving the corporate organization – from the core‘. Things were moving nicely with continuous improvement as our main focus.  The two initiatives took us to a new level of thinking and being.  We now have less silo-mentality and greater interdependency between our functions.  Our business activity is much more aligned and integrated, with cause and effect being ever-present in our process orientation to leadership.

Damien ODonoghue, GCA Corporate Academy, Dubai

3. Other

Quite a compelling initiative, and one that can be taken forward at a later stage.  I watched with interest as the ‘hard-core’ corporates opened minds to success in differing ways.  The added bonus is that this can integrate leaders seamlessly, for change situations such as new leadership, mergers and acquisitions, automation implementations and diversification to name but a few!

JJ, Dubai