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how to innovate in the changing corporate world

How can a leader become innovative?

One of the greatest dampener’s of creativity and innovation is experience.  When we fall into a trap of being experienced, creativity, change, momentum has no way of entering the work habit. So first and foremost, get out of your comfort zone – change your routine, move the furniture, seek new people, network in new arenas, ask new questions, explore new resources.  Understand that you wont have the answers, and let go of thinking you will!

 What can I do to celebrate new ways in the workplace?

It is not possible for business to stay the same, or be ‘business as usual’ unless it is operating in isolation of the world around it.  Hence every day is really an opportunity for moving towards a new outcome or a latest milestone. Progress demonstrates commitment, and isn’t that worth celebrating?  1.  Ensure all are clear on what new ways look like  2.  Resource new ways – make provision for them  3.  Set mechanisms in place to spotlight change and innovation 4.  ‘Advertise’ achievements freely and extend an invitation for others to join the culture of innovation  5. Challenge all to innovate new methods of celebration.

Why is innovation dependent on reflection and connection according to the embers model?

Collaborative innovation builds trust with others over time, and just like you cant lead others without leading yourself, you cant trust others without trusting yourself.  Self-trust is a bi-product of the first phase of the embers model – reflect and connect. Innovation also needs to be surrounded by the best environment, and when connected, our inner guidance will know the best parties, locations and times to innovate with and sometimes more importantly who and when are not…

What other questions do YOU have about innovation in business and corporate leadership?

If you would like an ’embers’ facilitator to take you and your team through the process we have several workshop levels to choose from. Contact us for a consultation and ‘readiness’ evaluation.

Innovation is the fourth stage of the embers change model.  Innovating is a skill that the changing corporate world rewards. This is because it reinforces fundamental behaviours that are serving responsibly, and serving not only the people and the organisation, but also the community. Business can now be at the core of society and has huge opportunity to create and positively impact the future.


One example of business with credible evidence that is impacting positively whilst creating the future includes:

Let us know when you see or hear of more great examples!