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how to connect in the changing corporate world

What exactly is connection?

Connection is a state that signifies an inner source, energy and knowing is active and able to perform its intended purpose – to guide greater good and contribution. In business, this translates to responsibility that will serve all!

What are the benefits of connection?

Connection unites, disconnection separates.  At the heart of many corporate dysfunctions, failures and disappointments is disconnection.

Connection is a state whereby an inner ‘service’ abounds, assisting a leader and the business.  With connection to self comes greater insight, confidence and potential.  When large decisions are faced, connection will forge a greater level of trust and inner knowing of choice and differing consequences. It will allow alignment between choice and result.


How can I get the business entity to be connected?

In business or ‘busyness’ – an appropriate first point to consider.  Without a ‘red thread’ of connectivity between what it is you want your business to be (typically called the dream or the vision), what we are doing to help us become that dream and the measurement mechanism to show movement towards the dream, most actions will be disconnected and wasted energy.  Start with a blank slate and ask those three questions – what do I want the business to be, what do we have to do to become that and how will we know we’ve moved closer towards it?

How can I get myself to a connected state?

Thank you for considering that question.  How can we possibly connect to, and lead ourselves if we cant do so with others.  Look for the signs which include evidence of frustration, ‘stuckness’, reduction in efficiency and effectiveness and non-serving habits.  The first step is to have an awareness of the reasons for the need to be connected and a firm understanding of the consequences of not being so.  Thereafter, facilitate a clearance process to remove stagnant and potent beliefs which are purely masking the inner guidance to be heard.  In other words, get rid of excuses and trash.  You may need some internal work here.  It is to be said though that without being able to reflect (stop, look, listen and feel), connection will never be possible.  The answer to the question may be to keep persevering every day with reflection.


How can I take my team to a space of connectedness?

Connectivity is like electricity. View a plug entering a wall socket and you see connectivity in action when the lights come on.  You would not question it – it’s simply obvious as the light flows effortlessly into the room.  What could that look like in business – business contracts flowing plentifully, synchronicity abounding, opportunity opening up even at times without a plan.  Matured connectivity can even show that gut feelings may produce results even moreso than analysis.  Your team, customers, suppliers will feel and see evidence of your connectivity, with effortless results all around.   Refer to this vid for another perspective of connectivity in business (Alan’s Vid)

A great opportunity exists for you in the immersion activity called ‘leading the corporate future’, whereby the team connects and so too the individuals to themselves.  It may help you, yet naturally you as the leader need to be comfortable with connection prior to this.

How does connection guide my business decisions?

Business is really a relational activity, one that demonstrates dependencies, from the more simple customer to business relationship to an interwoven mesh of supply chain situation.

Connectivity brings flow – in energy, in purpose, in knowing what will produce best results.  It is one that guides and trusts, thereafter rewarding with greater trust and guidance of and to others.  Any breakdown in business occurs when balance is compromised, when purpose is lost and when service to all equally diminishes.  Connection is essential for today’s changing business landscape, well beyond the technological essence of the word.


What other questions do YOU have about connection in business and corporate leadership?

What other questions do YOU have about connection in business and corporate leadership?



If you would like an ’embers’ facilitator to take you and your team through the process we have several workshop levels to choose from. Contact us for a consultation and ‘readiness’ evaluation.


Connection is the second stage of the embers change model. Connecting is a skill that the changing corporate world rewards. This is because it reinforces fundamental behaviours that are serving responsibly, and serving not only the people and the organisation, but also the community. Business can now be at the core of society and has huge opportunity to create and positively impact the future.

One example of business with credible evidence that is impacting positively whilst creating the future includes:

Let us know when you see or hear of more great examples!