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changing self leadership

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if you need a change:

  • Are you bored with life?
  • Do you feel stuck or frustrated?
  • Are you in the dark and feeling misaligned?
  • Are you currently running on empty?
  • Have you switched on the autopilot?
  • Are you feeling vulnerable and at risk?
  • Are you disillusioned with life in general and wondering what it’s all for?
  • Do you feel lost?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone.  However, so many of us simply do not recognise these as an opportunity for change, but rather an impossible curse to break.

Does it really need to be like this? Not at all!  Perhaps you have learnt and adopted other personal development techniques, which have not served you well in the past.

Try it the ‘embers’ way

There is one main difference between other techniques and the ‘embers’ self-development model – you work on changing from the core, serving the outer, whilst strengthening the inner.

embers’ helps you move forward into a better place…

  • where you release yourself and allow reflection
  • where you feel energised by intuition
  • where you embrace self-validation


How?  It’s simple really!  Explore and adopt a 21st century skillset for your personal life and you’ll feel the difference.  ‘embers’ will help you achieve that by providing resources, a self-change process and core foundations that will open opportunity for you, yielding significant progress in your life.


To explore your self-reflection options with embers of the world a little further, please don’t hesitate to send us a note at any time.