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embers perspectives – corporate leadership

Reflection can take a leader deeper, triggering more aligned results.  Corporate triggers may come in the form of conversations (dedicated or otherwise), during corporate networking events, informal meetings over coffee, confidential discussions with industry sounding boards or bantering with best practice experts. What stimulates new ideas or innovative solutions for one leader may spark nothing for another.

Listen to the recorded conversations below, shared with the permission of the contributors, and see if they trigger an idea or opportunity for you.  This collaborative collection of interviews were undertaken in the hope that each message may assist you in evolving beyond a current challenge  while reassuring you that you are not alone ‘out there in the corporate world’.


This leader was seeking re-entry into a corporate team after some years of heading up a corporation. She turned to ‘embers‘ when she found herself struggling with other’s opinions – this audio picks up the conversation at that point.  Could you be facing the same issues in your corporate leadership?

Company Leader, International Human Resources, Dubai

the  ‘leading the corporate future’ initiative was recently attended by an international shipping team; a fleeting ‘interview’ occurred with the Managing Director in a busy corridor at the event location; it certainly is about ‘working anywhere’ these days! So what is the role of reflection in business today?

Managing Director, Shipping Company, Nigeria

This evolved leader shares his embers from the centre of the hotel lobby, his permanent office; walls, barriers and distinction simply don’t exist in his world of service-driven leadership. What can vulnerability and authenticity add to your leadership of service?

Managing Director, International Hotelier, South Africa

This entrepreneur is running a business with a difference.  Now recognised as master of re-creating ‘business models’, this business leader places value and service for all at the heart of any ‘business model’ he creates.

Entrepreneur, Global Learning, Dubai

Next valued contributor ‘under interview’
Next valued contributor ‘under interview’