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self leadership

'become...in your personal world' workshop highlights a self-change model that triggers personal reflection from the very core of your being. The ‘embers’ model provides the opportunity to put into context your current challenges against changing world priorities. You can discover the core where sustainable change occurs, reveal its source, find the driver of all challenges, collaboratively commence effective clearance techniques and exhibit the behaviour that the 21st century world now seeks and rewards.

self leadership workshops

self leadership initiatives

Many people search for solutions – solutions that will ‘fix a problem’.   Unfortunately, the fix is often as shallow as a Band-Aid, with no substance or connectivity to any core.  The results of this can be debilitating and draining, and demotivate the toughest amongst us.  Those already on successful self leadership and development drives look beyond solutions, asking more questions and searching for possibilities.

‘become…in your personal world’, facilitated as a public workshop, deals with self-change working from and upon the core.

The session is for those who have become aware of the need for change, wish to move beyond their former self and who are open to accepting insights that come from reflecting and connecting.


An optional support mechanism, ‘Campfire Clearance’, is an intensely personal and self-aligned clearance process.

Sessions are pre-booked on case-by-case basis and begin with a ‘pre-testing for readiness’ set of criteria to ensure that ‘embers’ is the right fit for you.


How do you apply ‘the core’?
Like the molten lava at the centre of the earth, everything in life radiates from the core.  Without the core being strong, it will not be able to support or assist the external when it needs to respond or react.
What does your core represent?

  • Is self leadership at the core with behaviours, thoughts and visual imagery as connected outcomes for you?
  • Is inner work the priority and will outer work come next?
  • Are the reactions and opinions of others less important than the inner validation on which you are working?
  • Is there an inner guidance or intuition at the core leading everything you do?




1. During the workshop ‘become…in your personal world‘, I sat back and observed a domino effect occur in the room. One by one, lights were switching on, with people entering the next steps on their individual, yet collective journey! What a different experience I have just witnessed. For me personally, it has reassured me that the path I’m on is right for me. Bravo ‘embers‘!  Niloofar Rouhani, Dubai

2. I see ‘embers‘ to be the law of life….multidimensional, yet at the same time simple, whilst also inspirational – it carries you along on a journey of self-discovery.  It opens your eyes and gives you wings so you can find your purpose in life and you can be YOU – I feel this is just the beginning. Since the ‘become…in your personal world‘ and my subsequent new outlook, I have placed myself firmly at the centre of decisions that affect my own life. Attending ‘become…in your personal world‘  has been one of my better life investments.  Daniela Maitland-Walker, Dubai