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embers perspectives – self leadership

The need for self-change or self-development and the impact of not making the change can remain elusive for many.  When one is unhappy in life, avoiding change reinforces a victim response rather than actively partaking in a victor’s response.


Certain events can trigger an awareness of being ready, willing and able to place change as a core competency of life.  It may be as simple as a conversation, mundane experience or idle comment from another. Settle in to your campfire scene and listen to the recordings below, shared with the permission of the contributors.  Enjoy the reflections these conversations may facilitate while understanding you are not alone!


 This person’s personal goal was to seek re-entry into a corporate team after some years of heading up a corporation. She turned to ‘embers‘ when she found herself struggling with other’s opinions – this audio picks up the conversation at that point.  Could this be a personal issue of yours?

Company Leader, International Human Resources, Dubai

What was the value I was adding?  What was the missing element I sought?  A deep and personal exchange discussing one’s personal journey, and the resulting self-leadership and degree of change she experienced.



Entrepreneur and Coach, Iran

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