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why is embers making this opportunity available?

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’embers’ believes in demonstrating the benefits of new outcomes when our way of work aligns with what the changing corporate world requires and rewards.  As such, this opportunity removes organizational barriers and minimizes risk that often blocks the implementation of transformational initiatives.  Debbie Nicol, the creator of embers of the world, and facilitator of the workshop, is willingly and actively walking her talk – she believes she can ‘give-back’ whilst also integrating and promoting the changing world’s fundamentals.


this is a real opportunity with intention to serve positive and sustainable impact of change


the opportunity has trust at it’s core, by trusting the leaders we select to make commitments that serve


‘the offer’ exposes opportunity for some unintended opinions, yet also opportunity for raw and unedited perspectives on business today

Internal Validation

there is strong internal belief that this unique approach to discovering evolved and evolving leaders is responsible and will serve both the creator and the candidates equally.  We know the embers model and leadership works!


an internal source of knowledge has guided the decision to open this opportunity to the public, believing the structure and the selection process of this opportunity is the right thing to do

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