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corporate change model

Whether it’s technology, policy, product, process, organisational culture change or even change within self leadership, the ‘embers’ process model adapts to current business challenges.  It addresses the priorities and new outcomes required for the 21st century business landscape – intuitive problem solving, incorporating change as a competency and rewarding those with a responsibility mind-set.

the ’embers’ model in context

the core ‘embers‘ model

Each stage of the model is an essential pre-requisite to the following stage.


Reflection in the corporate world does not require thought, action, resourcing or planning.  It is a necessary pause that opens the mind and brings perspective and clarity.

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Connection from the core reveals the pertinent issues, the best action to take, the people to leave behind, the situations to watch, the resources required and where to start.

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Adopting additional expertise for projects with utmost confidence and ease will assist in exploring new alternative solutions and selecting trusted collaborators.

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The core is strong and new ideas will simply flow effortlessly, and when combined with open sharing will lead to innovative solutions.

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When a change is embedded through connection, the organisation has now ‘become’ evolved.

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