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self leadership tools


These ‘embers’ resources are more than just books! They can have a tremendous impact on a reader when used as reflection and connection tools, directly integrated with the ‘embers’ change model of reflect, connect, collaborate, innovate and become.

  • The reflection tool –  Travelling Embers is a collection of life experiences gathered from the author’s global travels. Wrapped as memories around the campfire each flickering ember brings personal insights from varied experiences from all over the world.  Debbie Nicol’s story-telling approach has attracted much interest. Many readers have even commented ‘…as I’m reading about you, I’m thinking about myself’ – exactly the reaction a quality reflection tool will initiate when put into action!
  • The connection tool – Become…in your Personal World – Travelling Embers Companion Workbook is a treasure trove of connection opportunities, whereby your engagement can lead to connecting with each insight, bringing your own intuition into play and allowing what needs to appear to appear!  Each interactive exercise builds on the one before, presenting life scenarios that we all commonly face.  It takes you through all of the stages of the ‘embers’ process, defining the essence of self leadership ‘as it is’ and ‘as it could be’.  In the end, you’ll learn how to effectively reflect, connect, collaborate, innovate and become with an aligned vision for your future in a changing world.

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I bought Travelling Embers and finished reading it in one sitting. However, I have been going back to the book frequently and re-reading parts of it. Every time, new reflections seem to open up, triggered by the embers!!  The book is a great compilation and truly a source of inspiration and reflection. Hope there will be more in the series!!   Saibal Ghose, Director, Dubai


There’s nothing like a few deep yoga breaths to help you process what’s going on in your life at a particular moment….especially when travelling.  Become…in your Personal World is a literary yoga breath, giving you time to look into your heart and truly understand the life lesson that’s been presented in a sometimes fleeting moment.  Anne O’Connell, Writer, Thailand