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At its highest level, embers is a process model for change aligned to today’s world of new outcomes for self and organisation.
This level allows the embers model to be applied as a Diagnostic Tool first and foremost, secondly a Development Tool and thirdly a Measurement Tool, all providing tangible meaning, structure and priority for change scenarios.

At its fourth level, it is a fireside concept, based on storytelling in both a self leadership and a corporate leadership context.
This level brings great benefit, demonstrating a high level of practical application, facilitating ease of engagement.  It brings a human touch to a topic that quite often is perceived as a science.

At its third level, it is an evolving contemporary toolkit of resources.  Today’s changing world has people responding differently, requiring on-demand, scalable, tactile resources incorporating design and meaning.  The ‘embers’ tools are presented in aesthetically appealing packaging and are available in various combinations that can be tailored to individual or organisational needs.

At its second level, it is a response to an ongoing personal, corporate and societal failure to adapt and change.  Today’s world is moving towards full global integration, prioritising alignment at every opportunity. It will recognise the dysfunction of separateness and celebrate unity.

At its core, it is a portfolio of reflections and insights from one person’s life experiences.  With authentic reflections at the core of the embers, those who engage are in the position to actually become the story and the insight.  Stories transport us back to the core of civilisation where we connected around campfires and our sense of cooperation was innate and where change meant survival.