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what is the process that supports this opportunity?

You’ve now chosen to enter a 4-step selection process.

Step One:  You are here now!

As an evolved leader, you will have connected with something in this opportunity. So it’s time to get to know you in this questionnaire, which should take you only 3 – 5 minutes to complete.

Step Two:

Within a four-day period, you will receive a response, indicating the way forward!  For some, this may guide you towards other business foundations, whilst for others it may invite you to move into Step Three.

Step Three:

If you were invited to move forward, there will be a chance to meet personally (remembering that whilst this is preferred in a face to face setting, please do not allow this to deter you as technology is a wonderful thing to break through perceived barriers).

Step Four:

Selection finalised and communicated.

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