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have you noticed?

I’m feeling it, are you?  I’m seeing it everywhere I look, are you? There is a change, yet this one is not as well documented as others.  I refer to the amount of people leaving the corporate world and moving into creating their own businesses, seeking a ‘world of trade’ with new and fresh perspective and opportunity.


At the root of this movement is disconnection, imbalance, values misalignment, control and entitlement mindset – and the list can go on – yet most of these have one point in common – separation.


Does this itself open the doors to a self-fulfilling dilemma?


The very fact that we can no longer accept behaviours that don’t serve is driving us to display the very same behaviour.  In what way – separation?  Are we ourselves perpetuating the problem by not working through it yet rather displaying the same issue by simply separating ourselves from the very issues?  Are we opting out of our responsibility to be an integral part of turning weaknesses into strengths? Is there a lost opportunity by not looking at the problem in its face and serving to solve rather than step aside and allow others to work with it?  Are we becoming a mirror image of the same problem?


The second observation is that almost momentarily, once a new business is created, it seeks out collaboration, recognizing that we cant be all things to all people alone.  Collaborative opportunities reward the business with breadth and depth.  It seeks to narrow or even eradicate separation.


·       Never-ending cycle or teething problems of a new business world?

·       Sustainable change or rehashing the same problems in different dress?

·       Survival of the fittest or becoming a higher state?


Time will most certainly tell!

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