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is your platform burning?

Connected corporate leaders serve, frequently displaying balance, self confidence and flow. Some say they are the lucky ones. Why can’t that be you?

With a natural reaction to blame the outer – the Board, the budget, the economic status, the limitations from Head Office – many leaders are feeling a sinking feel, hopelessness and resignation to ‘what is’.

What’s the way out? There really is only one – to change from the core, to strip ourselves of all of the excuses and reasons that serve to distort whilst learning to reconnect with nature’s beacon – our feelings or emotions. And only then will you allow your emotions to serve your actions. If the outcome feels bad, stop the action – but moreso, why did you start it – the emotion told you it felt wrong or bad…

What situations can this apply to – the process you apply, the work environment you choose to remain in, the acceptance level you give to ‘what is’! Don Tapscott in his TED presentation ‘Four Principles of the Open World’ describes this time and space (or your corporate situation) as a ‘burning platform’, a place where the cost of staying where you are is higher than the cost of moving somewhere different. And who is responsible for balancing your social change books after all?

Yet how to achieve this? Venture to the ‘how to’ tab on embersoftheworld.com

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