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cost of corporate silence?

Recently observed in the media has been a fine example of what ‘the cost of no response’ looks like in PR terms. Leadership of a business entity has chosen not to comment on a situation, from which the family of the afflicted ‘user’ has suffered, for over 4 years. Rumours are rife, questions are coming from all angles of the community whilst people are incensed enough to be making statements about withdrawing custom forever more….. all because of lack of transparency, or at the very least, lack of response to the question of ‘why’?

Let’s take this into the role of changing leadership in today’s business landscape. When the question ‘why’ is asked, what is the leader’s role?

a. To respond
b. To provide understanding
c. To evaluate the alignment of reasons with the audience, as the one he is serving

With answers to ‘why’ fuelling connection, to do so will not only breed collaboration or illustrate that he is in fact part of a solution and but also ensure that his actions are indeed serving all.

What is the cost of corporate silence?

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