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corporate choice?

Thomas Friedman was recently quoted in NYTimes as saying ‘big breakthroughs happen when what is suddenly possible meets what is desperately necessary’.

It is not uncommon to hear of leaders today feeling stuck, disillusioned or even lost surrounded by non-optimised scenarios in the business world. Reactivity abounds, with no hope for reflective states to have influence on business decisions, nor connectivity to flow and naturally bind thoughts, responses and consequences. Isolated and independent actions are forced that block the powers of collaborative and unique solutions and alignment. Transaction satisfaction becomes the norm discounting possibility of reliable relationships, powerful partnerships and deep systemic development.

Disconnection will never serve – it simply separates. Separation breeds negative consequence and difference, not only in material but also knowledge ‘wealth’. With this separation impacting negatively upon the degree of informed and educated decisions, it is inevitable that behaviours will be non-serving and decisions irresponsible

These desperate experiences require necessary response to facilitate alternative outcomes, and often act as an impetus for the emergence of models and approaches as a ‘suddenly possible’ alternative. One such example may include the embers change model, one which focuses on changing leadership’s purpose and approach, both of ourselves and others in the corporate environment.

• If you are your business, what does its future look like?

Mirrored Perspectives

• What mirrors may need to be broken with you and your organization to move beyond?

embers Model

• How can the embers model bring value to your current situation?

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