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accountable for accountability?

The world all too often provides us opportunities to witness:

  • the press using unethical practices to gain access to ‘information’
  • politicians abusing expense accounts
  • banks breaking trust with customers
  • corporations deflecting responsibilities

For some time, this has been the expectation and described as ‘what is’.

However, ‘what can be’ does seem to be under construction, with accountability being ‘practised’ wherever we look. Corporate CEO’s are stepping down, politicians are owning up, press are closing down and banks are breaking up, governments are becoming businesses and business are more governed!

To support ‘what can be’, what can we as corporate leaders do for ourselves to keep this flowing?

  • Take the time to stop and feel an action before taking the action
  • Allow our intuition to be heard – it will connect us to an essence that will serve
  • Find and respect the ‘knowing’ – that which says this is the right thing to do!

Steve Jobs famously said in his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech ‘have the courage to follow your heart and intuition’ – there’s no doubt where that led him!

  • Mix analysis with ‘gut’
  • Look yourself in the eye and ask the tough questions as others will – yet not because others will!
  • Choose to be part of the accountability movement – or create one
  • Recognise when it’s time for change

Joe Jaworkski, author of ‘Synchronicity: The Inner Path to Leadership’ cites that evolved leaders use ‘capacities to sense and actualise the emerging futures, shaping the future instead of simply responding to the forces at large’!  How are your actions actualising a future that serves all equally?

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