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Home Blog corporate leadership – sacrificial lambs?

corporate leadership – sacrificial lambs?

Change results in components moving ahead, morphing into a state of ‘newness’.  This newness may show in new organisational behaviours, attitudes and approaches or be perceived, generating gossip and rumours of that which is yet to come.  The evolution of ‘newness’ will hit a point where a gap between those in the past and those in the now and/or future will widen.  In organisations that have a new culture, we often see fresh recruits become corporate culture ambassadors long before others jump on board, if in fact they ever do.

As an evolved leader, what are your alternatives to reduce the gap between the ‘old and the new’?

1. Taking a sacrificial lamb, removing one or more from the organisation with a loud message to others that ‘you must change’

  • Results, costs and consequences?

2. Band the ambassadors together and harness strength in the new outlook – allow them to educate others of the benefits of the change

  • Results, costs and consequences?

3.  Apply a reflective process with a diagnostic to discover barrier points of each individual. Clear the barrier and allow them to willingly follow you to the future.

  • Results, costs and consequences?

Corporate leadership is changing from one with results that are KPI-driven, to alternatives not used before. The key criteria for differentiation is ‘impact’.

Two Loops: How Systems Change from Deborah Frieze on Vimeo.

Questions to ask

  • How will you approach the gap between corporate leadership as it has been and leadership as it is emerging?
  • How will you, the changing corporate leader, facilitate the space that the connection will need?
  • How would you handle a Jimmy Carter – Ronald Reagan situation in your organisation as it evolves?
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