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Home Blog is it time for boardroom vulnerability?

is it time for boardroom vulnerability?

Boardrooms are the figurehead, the measuring stick, the guidance and the view from the outside; they have the ability to re-chart the course of a ship when it’s off course. They are the epitome of corporate leadership! Or so, as they were!

With change invading every possible pore of the corporate skin, will it spotlight skin cancers that need immediate attention? What could these accountability tips foster for any board?


a. Demonstrate accountability to self

Without the title of ‘board member’, what’s left? Effective self-leadership provides ample opportunity to look oneself in the mirror – is it the real self that is seen by the corporate team – if so, ‘who’ do they see? Effective leadership should not be identified by a position, power or possessions. What level of connectivity exists with inner guidance, and how much does this show in actions and ‘being’? And if those around the table aren’t to be trusted, who could you be looking at?

Feel the pain when personal realization occurs, allowing it to morph into becoming what it needs to – let go and let come! A higher-level service might just emerge!

b. Demonstrate accountability to others

When the board interviews a potential key player, what’s the level of transparency during the discussions? If the candidate is a ‘must-have’ for a leadership position, how would a sugar-coated version of the company serve? If the candidate represents a misalignment for the company, how would a timely and principle-centred interaction communicating the ‘unsuccessful’ message serve both parties?

c. Demonstrate accountability to the business

What role can tough love have in business. Reflect – take time to connect to the reality of now, in conjunction with knowledge of the past. Allow influence from those around, stretching well beyond the inner circle and feel the difference. Let go of being the expert and become a contributor and thought-provocateur. Expose alternatives and take the hard calls when required.  Allow intuition in the mix too!


The elimination of non-serving, dark-aged board member impact is inevitable when the boardroom wishes to consider its vulnerabilities, whilst also adapting a sense of purpose, a thirst for resilient and continual learning, and a penchant for change. With corporate leadership encompassing corporate accountability to the business, to others and to self, the role of responsibility will surely extend beyond where it is today!

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