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changing corporate leadership – core business

In business, it is all too easy to get bogged down with details. Procedures, processes, systems, quality, functionality become the priority, taking a leader away from the big picture into reactive decision-making and at times misaligned business practices.

When this occurs, the mental capacity of the leader in is in demand whilst working from the known, diminishing and severely limiting access to ‘unknown’ opportunity and restricting access to inner knowing and guidance.

In this video, you will see two teams of players, one the white shirt team and one the black shirt team.  While watching the video, count the number of passes* from person to person that occur in the white team. (* a pass is when the ball moves from one player to another)

How many passes did you count? 13, 14, 15?  But more importantly did you notice anything strange whilst watching the video?  If you missed the gorilla entering the circle, this means the details became the focal point to the detriment of the big picture (the surroundings or the change that is happening around).

What can this mean to you?  Are you possibly losing yourself to the business, in the midst of all the details? 

Oh and by the way, if it is still important to know the answer to the original question, the correct number of passes was 15, however for some that question may no longer be important.


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