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Home Blog changing self leadership – what would you do if you didn’t have fear?

changing self leadership – what would you do if you didn’t have fear?

You are in a job that you dont enjoy. Your being is constantly receiving messages of dissatisfaction, regret and ‘woe is me’. Your doing is constantly ensuring that your being is supported and being just as you intended – dissatisfied, full of regret and ‘woeful’. We’ve all heard that thoughts become things.

Now find the logic in this. Why do you need that job?  To pay the medical bills.  What are the medical bills for? They allow me to have regular massages to release my stress, to have sessions with my chiropractor to realign my bones, to have pranic healing to cleanse my energy, to see the skin specialist to treat my allergies and to see the doctor about my regular headaches.

The word ‘perpetuate’ pops into mind at this point. Where does one break a cycle?

What could happen if you didn’t have the job?  Do allergies mean something is bugging you, do headaches represent obstacles which dont want to be seen, do tight muscles mean that something is pulling at you from all directions?  What just might disappear if the job does too?  (For those skeptical ones out there, imagining the worst case scenario of another stress creeping in due to not having a job, try to connect now – you may just receive some inner guidance).

How could your thoughts serve you better?

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